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Read more about our clients' experiences with transformational breathwork and energy healing sessions.


Transformational Breathwork

"Amazing! Healing and relaxing! Elise was great and guided me well. She explained things so I would understand them and made sure I knew

it was a safe environment. I had a powerful experience and released 6 months of anger."

- Stevie A. [January 2021] // in-person session

"My experience with Elise was great! I felt very blissful and content after the session. It was exactly what I needed. I felt grounded and floating at the same time, which was a cool experience. Elise does a great job at making you feel comfortable and supported during the session. She is very calm and kind, which I really appreciate. I loved her cuing and music selection!" 

- Erin K. [November 2020] // virtual session

"Breathwork was great. I got a lot more out of it than I had expected and will do it again. Afterwards I felt wonderful, like I had just gotten a massage.

Elise is great! She explained everything very well, so that as a beginner it all made sense."

- Jessica K. [February 2021] // in-person session

"Breathwork with Elise is relaxing, exhilarating, and grounding. Our facilitator was comforting and easy to talk to, with good instruction.

Expectations were discussed and met. The positive energy from start to finish was amazing.

I look forward to watching Elise continue doing what she loves."

- Barrie M. [February 2021] // virtual session

"Elise is an amazing guide! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her compassionate nature and knowledge of the breath and it’s power

allowed me to see my highest self giving my current transient self a rose from a beautiful garden. I was able to breathe easily for the first time in years.

I have scoliosis and a super flat thoracic spine. This was a true gift! Elise nailed the cue of coaching the 3 breaths, making sure I understood the process and possible physical responses from the breathwork. Moreover, she has a calming nature and loving personality. Elise is extremely insightful and perceptive. Her ability to guide folks through breathwork shows. I was wanting a more slow, grounded breath which Elise quickly caught onto.

She provided that option and a wonderfully safe vessel to me to experiment with my breath. Thank you Elise for sharing this with me." 

- Denali L. [February 2021]  // in-person session

"Virtual breathwork went deeper than I expected it to; I experienced a reactivation from ceremonies with ayahuasca and DMT. It was powerful! Elise creates a safe space to express. It's hard over zoom and it helped that she was role modeling what noises are normal, that we could be loud and express fully. The encouragement to release inhibitions were helpful. She also created an excellent flow with an analogy of biking up a hill and coasting down, constant encouragement and reminders to keep connected to breath, which breath to use, that we were safe, and repeating the mantra created excellent guidance throughout the experience.

- Tomiko C.January 2021] // virtual session

"Breathwork was amazing. Felt like I melted, I was so relaxed and my breathing seemed so much easier the rest of the night and next day.

Elise talked through each step, helped me open my breathing, and told me she was right there with me. Made me feel safe.

I hope to melt and relax quicker next time, now that I know what to expect."

- Dani M. [January 2021]

"Breathwork was surprisingly relaxing for laying on my floor! Breathwork is new to me and I was a little unsure what to expect, but Elise guided us gently and was relaxed in explaining the process. I loved that the session was customized for mommies-to-be. That made me feel safer in trusting the process. 

I appreciated others sharing their birth experience in the beginning; that was helpful to hear as a first time mom. My energy levels are noticeably lower than normal and I get both nervous and excited frequently thinking about all the changes happening and baby things to prep for. The mantra Elise selected for us was a beautiful perspective and reminder to embrace this time, because 9 months is temporary on the grand scale of things. The relaxation at the end was incredible too! I forgot where I was and saw myself floating on a river in Arizona when guided to picture a water scene.

Erin P. [January 2021] // virtual session

Energy Healing Sessions

"I have gotten to work with Elise a couple of times this year and she is becoming a master at her crafts.  She did an illumination, story tracking and soul retrieval today and I feel amazing! I have been ready to clear some trauma and today the work Elise did was powerful and clearing!! It finally feels like the trauma is healed and I was vibrating for about an hour after our session.  Elise really took the time and energy into working on me and it's easy to tell that her heart and soul are in this work. Thanks for all of your hard work and for your heart for helping people heal! I look forward to working with you again!

- Deetrea H. [July 2022] // in-person sessions

“My illumination with Elise was a very calming and peaceful experience. I felt like I was in good care, in the hands of a great healer. She helped me hold my intention for our session, and I loved that she encouraged me to not “retraumatize” myself in this process but to visit it during our session and gently release it. Elise has a lot of relevant information and powerful codes she shares, and this was very supportive during the illumination. Her read on my chakras was also affirming and healing. After our session, my energy felt clearer, and I felt cleansed in a way, like a weight was lifted. I think I took a nap immediately afterwards!

I look forward to the illuminations with Elise to come.” 

 - Erica P. [April 2022]  // in-person session

"Breathwork was great! I was able to release energy and felt really relaxed afterward. The music was awesome.

Elise made me feel at ease, comfortable, and relieved. Elise is attentive. We had a few disruptions but Elise was able to bring me right back into session."

- Nancy M. [February 2021] // virtual session

"By the end of the virtual session, I definitely felt melted to the floor and much calmer. I used a crystal on my forehead and felt it warm up.

When faced with a huge interruption (our dog barged into the room and licked my face), Elise acknowledged the disruption of what we all experienced

and guided everyone beyond it flawlessly. Elise is attentive to everyone. Her unique experiences with each person help her do that and her process is fluid. "

- Caitlin S. [February 2021] // virtual session

"I found Elise’s session to be incredibly warm and engaging. This was my first breathwork experience so there was a lot of unknowns going in, afterwards

I felt much more connected to my body and the moment. I was able to reach a point of conscious breathing that elicited a deep level of concentration, focused around healing the heart. It was easy to get right into to frequency of the moment, Elise’s calm and soothing voice was a gentle guide.

The tone, delivery of the material, focusing on the moment and reminding my partner and I of the intent of the session helped bring my focus back to the body and to healing emotional trauma. I have better understanding of the value this therapy brings and the method, Elise does a wonderful job of gently opening this door and guiding her participants through. It was a wonderful session. I look forward to more and learning with Elise!"

- Branden S. [February 2021] / virtual session

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