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Breathing techniques for anxiety, stress, fear, pain, trauma and disease.
The purpose: to emotionally regulate, stimulate healing, and enrich life.
Book online over Zoom or in-person sessions across Denver, Colorado.

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either online over Zoom or in-person across Denver, Colorado

  Upcoming community sessions online & across  
  Denver, Golden & Longmont, CO in July 2024:  

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Benefits of Breathwork or Pranayama

A consistent practice helps exercise the diaphragm, expand the lungs, improve digestion, boost the immune system and so much more. Whatever breathwork techniques and frequency suits your lifestyle will be integrated best and provide the most benefit. Adopting a regular practice is your choice. This could look like: 5 minutes in the morning and evening before bed, 15 minutes midday, or a 30 - 60 minute meditative session online, in-person, or in a community workshop. The benefits of breathwork include:

  • relieves stress & anxiety quickly
  • rewires the nervous system
  • induces calm 
  • sharpens focus 
  • deepens sleep & improves digestion
  • boosts creativity & opens the third eye [pineal gland]
  • increases energy level
  • opens & awakens the heart 
  • heightens intuition & joy
  • strengthens the immune system 
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • detoxifies the body [70% of waste is eliminated through the lungs]
  • oxygenates all organs
  • regulates blood alkalinity [proactively wards off viruses & cancer]
  • lowers heart rate & blood pressure
  • improves muscle tone
  • clears stuck energy & emotions 
  • releases unprocessed memories & trauma ready to be released
  • increases subtle awareness & presence

The Art of Breath Control: Pranayama

To feel better: lighter, calm, content, relaxed, present, embodied, free and expansive -- naturally.

Transformational breathwork helps people rebalance and respirit when they feel stuck, stressed, anxious, depressed or unwell. Breathwork realigns the body, heart and mind by clearing mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages causing tension and disease. The human body is incredibly self-healing yet often gets stuck, tense, inflamed and acidic; when energy flow is blocked. Breathwork counterbalances all of this and is known as: energy medicine. It's a beautiful way to clear stuck or stagnant energy in the body, unhook the monkey mind, release tension in the muscles, awaken heart intelligence, and gently land in alignment. Conscious breathwork is a well recognized alternative healing modality that is profoundly therapeutic, radically healing, and a unique experience every time. I look forward to sharing pranayama, the art of breath control, with you.

Come as you are, 

with an open mind and empty belly.

No food or water 2 hours before is best.

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